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Escorted Tours of Ethiopia

Ethiopia Escorted Tours

Ethiopia is a land of spectacle, of amazing natural scenery and wildlife as well as impressive man-made structures such as the medieval castles of Gondar. Tours of Ethiopia offer visitors so much, it's here that you will be able to search for baboons, mountain goats and the Ethiopian wolf in National Parks, wonder impressive scenery of the great rift valley discover archaeological treasures and meet a lovely and welcoming people.

Ethiopia A Cultural Odyssey

Ethiopia A Cultural Odyssey

  • Marvel at the spectacular scenery and exotic wildlife at Simien Mountain National Park
  • Witness the thundering might of the Blue Nile Falls
  • Explore the 12th-century Rock-Hewn Churches, chiselled into the rocks of Lalibela
  • Wander the imposing castle walls and crumbling battlements of the ancient 'Camelot of Africa'
  • Enjoy a day of wildlife watching around the Rift Walley Lakes

Ethiopia Tours - Essential Information

When you visit Ethiopia, these are the facts and useful information you need to know…

Flight Time to Ethiopia
Flight Time

8 hours

Vise Required for Ethiopia
Visa required?


Population of Ethiopia

102 million

Capital city of Ethiopia
Capital City

Addis Ababa

Currency of Ethiopia


Ethiopia Time Difference
Local Time

GMT + 3 hours

Spoken Language of Ethiopia
Spoken Language